Friday, February 5, 2016

Starbucks secret Valentine's coffee menu

Beyond the thousands of flavours and coffee combinations at Starbucks, according to those in the know there is also a 'secret menu', one which features exclusive concoctions and a slew of quirky recipes. 
Online food bloggers are claiming that there's more to the chain than even a grande, hot, decaf, triple five-pump vanilla, non-fat, no foam, whip cream, extra hot, extra caramel, machiato this Valentine's Day.

As well as the classic hot drinks, there's another batch of tasty tipples on offer that only those in the know can currently order.

If you're bored of your bog standard flat white, you may well be enticed by a pistachio and rose mocha or burnt caramel latte - both new offerings from the coffee chain in the UK.
Whilst the store are saying the drinks will be available to everyone in time for Valentine's Day, only their most loyal customers can currently order them.

So what on earth are these curious winter warmers? The Pistachio and Rose Mocha is apparently made with mocha sauce and a rose and pistachio syrup, swirled with steamed milk and rich espresso.