Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Got Coffee Chillout Mix 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017

How much Coffee the "Friends" characters drank during the show and what it cost.

One major fan has looked at all 236 Friends episodes and come up with the definitive answer!

It’s all thanks to a Twitter user called Kit Lovelace, who also seems to be something of a Friends superfan.
What other reason could there be for going through every one of the show’s 236 episodes and counting how many cups of coffee our favourite characters glugged?
That’s exactly what Kit has done, and the results were shared on Twitter.
They show that Phoebe was the caffeine addict of the clan, knocking back 227 cups on screen.
Next came Chandler who had 212, with Monica on 198 and Joey just behind on 191.
Ross drank 188 cups, leaving Rachel bringing up the rear with just 138.

That makes sense though - after all you can't drink coffee when you're busy serving it can you?
Kit didn't stop there either.
The intrepid investigator managed to work out just how much all that coffee cost our TV faves.
Based on a bill Monica received in one episode, it was deduced a cup cost about $1.50.
With a 20% tip, Kit deduced Phoebe would have forked out $408.10 on drinks.
All in all, the characters apparently spent $2,077.20.