Sunday, November 13, 2016

Five situations where cold coffee would come in handy

MANILA, Philippines – For college students and working professionals, any day is not complete without downing at least one cup of coffee.
Although coffee is available in every form imaginable, the hot variant remains the go-to option for many. After all, it does do a good job in warding off sleepiness so you’ll be able to do all your tasks well.
But did you know that cold or iced coffee does the same, and more?
While a cup of hot brew can help kickstart your morning, its ice-cold counterpart is best for keeping you recharged and refreshed as you go through the day. Not to mention that it's always a welcome treat given our country’s tropical weather.
Thankfully, ready-to-drink options, like Kopiko 78, are now available in the market so you can get your caffeine fix whether you’re on your way to a client meeting or recharging in between classes. Kopiko 78 is made from coffee extracted at 78 degress Celsius, which is the optimum temperature to bring out the “soul” of the coffee for the best recharge – it boosts energy in a cool and refreshing way.
Here are 5 everyday scenarios where a serving of cold coffee could help you out:

When you’re shuttling between meetings and deadlines

A typical working day for a professional consists of beating deadlines and attending meetings in between. At times, things can get so hectic that you might already feel weary come mid-day. On your way to that next meeting, chug down an iced latte to feel energized and refreshed.

When you’re juggling academic work and extracurricular activities

Go-getter students often balance their studies with extracurricular activities they’re passionate about. It’s a challenge (a fulfilling one at that), so make sure you remain on top of things by staying alert. Make sure you have a bottle of cold coffee at the ready so you can drink it as you work on your paper and plan your org’s next activity.

While commuting

If you ride public utility vehicles everyday, you’ll know just how stressful and tiring commuting could be, with long hours on the road and the hot sun beating down on you. Perk up your mood and lessen your stress with ice-cold bottled coffee.

Before you hit the gym

According to studies, drinking coffee pre-workout has benefits that include prolonged endurance, muscle pain reduction, and stimulation of fat burning. Bring a cold one to the gym for an energizing and refreshing start!

When you’re pulling an all-nighter

Whether it’s extra work you have to get done, an overnight shift you need to get through, or a creative piece you need to finish, you’ll need something to keep you awake. Keep a bottle of delicious iced latte within reach!

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